The term strong foundations can relate to many areas of our lives. I think that is one thing that fascinates me so much about dog training, if you think of it in the right way, you can apply many of the core skills needed to your daily life. If you’re not set on a solid foundation, everything you build on top is bound to crumble under the stress piled on top eventually.

When we talk about strong foundations here at Mighty Pet, we are speaking of some very basic, core abilities that you can teach your dog, that can translate to any other area of training.

If you start with a foundation of steadiness and patience, you can build upon that. If you do not have steadiness, your dog might learn to sit, but may not be consistent with it or without patience it might sit, but not be able to stay.

However, if you teach the dog patience and steadiness, you can build into agility, tracking, hunting, canine good citizen and therapy training.

Without a strong foundation, all the other skills will crumble under the pressure of distractions and temptation.

We’d love to help you build a strong foundation with your dog! We offer a variety of group training classes, one-on-one private training and a Merit Badge Program through our Doggie DayCamp help continue to work on foundational skills while you’re at work for the day!