Pocket Size Pets

Pocket Size Pets

We’re excited to have some new furry visitors at Mighty Pet. Now you can adopt your new pocket sized companion to add to your fur family from Mighty Pet!

PLEASE don’t buy an animal on impulse!

A pet is a lifetime commitment and should be considered before being purchased. Therefore, at Mighty Pet we ask that any customer considering the purchase of a small animal research the type of animal they are considering. We will help make sure you know the proper environment it requires, you have adequate supplies and food to keep it healthy and thriving and understand the signs of stress and illness for that type of animal.

So stop in and visit our new furry friends!

Note: Full-sized furry friends, like dogs and cats aren’t sold at Mighty Pet. We recommend rescuing dogs & cats from the Menominee Animal Shelter or breed specific rescue organization.

If you are looking for a small animal that we don’t have on display, please talk to us. We can special order pint size companions especially for you. Order Monday, Pick up Wednesday! Proper paperwork and deposit is required, come visit Mighty Pet for details!

Live Bugs

Live Bugs and Critters

We carry fresh live crickets & worms. Our crickets are raised with first class TLC on quality diets in special facilities to make sure they provide a great source of vitamins and proteins for your pet. Big crickets or small crickets, Mighty Pet has what you need for your reptile.

Fast Fact: Most reptiles typically eat their food whole. As a general rule, crickets should be no longer than the distance between the eyes of the animal enjoying them.


At Mighty Pet, we believe a happy fish is a healthy fish. That’s why we offer the largest selection of freshwater fish, aquariums, and aquatic pet supplies north of Green Bay.

Make your fish happy by checking out our selection of freshwater fish aquariums and aquatic pet supplies. Or, add a pretty new friend to your collection with one of our colorful varieties of tropical fish. Swim on over to Mighty Pet for all your aquatic needs.